Neti Pot – The ultimate sinus flush!

Allergies! With all this windy weather around at the moment blowing up the pollen and dust you might find your hay fever has gone into over drive.
Have you ever tried using a Neti Pot? I use mine almost daily and it works wonders in cleansing the nasal passages and reducing sinusitis. A diet high in vitamin C and low in dairy and gluten also help to decrease an allergic reaction and mucous production. Eye Bright is a fantastic herb for itchy eyes and nose and sinus congestion that you often get with allergies. Give it a try!

Neti pot

The Beauty of Calendula Flowers

Calendula flowers

How beautiful are these dried Calendula flowers?! Such a warming colour. I’ve been blending my Liver Cleanse tea and fell in love with these flowers again. Calendula is good for; lymphatic congestion, promoting liver function and digestion, reducing cholesterol levels, wound healing and relieving inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract.