Reiki Level 2 Workshop – Greater Connection through Symbols

Reiki Level Two attunement reiki energy

Reiki Level Two Workshop –  Usui System of Natural Healing  – Sunday 2nd September 2018 9am- 5pm

Reiki Level Two Workshop

This level is the next step on from Level One and increases your connection to the Reiki energy. It introduces you to 3 symbols therefore broadening your ability to channel and utilise the Reiki energy. It adds another dimension to both your self-healing treatments and those you give to others. With these symbols you will be able to increase and “lock in” the level of the energy, facilitate higher levels of emotional healing and give healing treatments over distance.

What happens in the workshop?

The workshop will include:

  • Uses of the symbols
  • Incorporating them into your treatments and daily life
  • Delving deeper into your connection with the Reiki energy
  • Meditations for each of the symbols
  • Receiving three attunements
  • Ample practice time for working with the symbols

Upon completion of the workshop you will receive a comprehensive manual, certificate and follow up support and mentoring for the following 3 weeks. 

I trained under teachers who were attuned in the direct lineage of the founder of Reiki, Mikao Usui. So this means that you also will be receiving attunements from this lineage.


LOCATION: Be Still and Chill Health and Wellness Centre, 206/658 Pittwater Road, Brookvale, NSW 2100

For information or to book your space please contact me:

CALL: 0406 628240

Please provide a copy of your Reiki One certificate.

Reiki Share Group

You are also welcome to come to our monthly Reiki Share Group held on either the 3rd or 4th Sunday of every month from 5pm-7pm. In the share group we each give and receive Reiki in mini sessions and there is opportunity for questions and discussion too.

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Reiki Level 1 Workshop – Attuning to the Universal Energy

Reiki Level One Workshop

Reiki Level One Workshop in Brookvale on the Northern Beaches – Sunday 14th October 2018 9am-5pm

Have you always wanted to learn how to channel energy for healing not only for yourself but for others too? Reiki is a fantastic tool to enable you to channel the universal energy that is all around us. It is open to everyone and not linked to any religion.  It is a fantastic complement to add to other modalities that you may already practice e.g. massage therapy, kinesiology, reflexology, herbal medicine, counselling.

During the workshop you will receive 3 attunements to the Reiki energy enabling you to give a full Reiki treatment. My teachers are in the direct lineage of Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki, so I will be passing this lineage on to you.


  • History and origins of Reiki
  • Uses of Reiki (in daily life, self healing, on animals and plants)
  • The Reiki principles
  • Hand positions for a full treatment
  • How to incorporate the chakras (energy centres) into your treatment

There will be plenty of time to practice and ask questions.

A comprehensive manual, certificate and follow up support for the following 3 weeks is provided also. There is what’s called a “Healing Crisis” that some people may experience in the 21 days following a Reiki attunement. To support and assist my Reiki students during this time I am available in my clinic every Tuesday for the 3 weeks to practice giving and receiving Reiki with each student and go through anything that may have come up for them. This can be done individually or as a group. If the student is unable to attend on a Tuesday I will follow up with a phone call and a distance healing treatment instead.


NEXT REIKI LEVEL ONE WORKSHOP DATE: Sunday 14th October 2018 9am-5pm

Please leave a comment or contact me directly if you would like to know more. Thank you.

Call: 0406 628240


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