Mind Body Connection – My Personal Health Journey

Last night I was invited to a showing of the documentary “The Connection”. Fantastic! It’s something we all need to watch (a few times even). It’s all about chronic sickness and the mind body connection. Being in the industry that I am I’m already aware of this but it was good hear it again.
It reminded me of my own health journey actually and how the mind body connection had a huge impact on my health. 6 years ago I was working and studying part time whilst raising my very energetic 18 mth old son. Life was definitely fun, hectic and chaotic all at the same time! But it didn’t take long for me to start to feel my body struggling under the pressure to keep going but what could I do? So I carried on hoping for the best. Only a few months later my father died, 5 days before my birthday, and BAM that was it, my body collapsed. I’d gone from a busy life style to barely being able to walk 100m without feeling breathless and that my legs were about to give way under me. Most days I had shooting pains through all my muscles that almost made me cry. I had to sleep for 3 hours every afternoon just to have enough energy to get through the evening routine. My brain felt like it was on a permanent holiday and my body seemed to have deserted me. I went from being an active 36 year old to having the energy and motivation of a 90 year old. I hated it and felt like it was so unfair especially as outwardly I looked fine.
My blood tests from the doctor all came back good, he told me that my results indicated that I was actually very healthy! I certainly didn’t feel it. This is when I realised that the huge amount of grief that I was going through from the death of my father had tipped me over the edge into complete sickness. My mind had directly effected my immune system. Fortunately I’d seen my mother go through the same and I realised very quickly that I had chronic fatigue. So I was on the case. Homeopathy for the grief, herbal medicine, nutrition, dietary changes, meditation for healing my heart and lots and lots of rest literally saved me. Today I’m virtually back to my normal self just 6 years older and with one more energetic son. I can see the signs in myself when I know I’m pushing myself too hard and know how to nourish myself back to good health.
I’m sure there are many people who have been through similar experiences and wanted to remind you that the mind is such a powerful tool in health and sickness. Never think of yourself as two parts; body and mind. You are one.

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