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HERBAL MEDICINE CONSULTATION – in-depth questions, with nail, tongue and urine pH assessments (where indicated) are all carried out to ascertain where you system is at and what is the root cause of your problem. Herbal Medicine works with your body to support it and guide it back on to its correct pathways enabling sustained good health to be found.

After the consultation you will be prescribed a herbal formulation unique to you and your condition and provided with diet and lifestyle tips.

Depending on your condition you should start to feel some improvement in the first 1-2 weeks. However with more chronic sicknesses changes may take longer to start taking effect. Even if you start to feel better fairly quickly it is important to continue taking your herbs and supplements to keep the good work going!

At the follow-up appointment we will go through your progress and I will reassess how your body is changing and then adjust your prescription accordingly.

Remember for sustained, long lasting, radiant health there is no “quick fix”. You need to be dedicated to getting yourself into your optimum state of being – you owe it to yourself!

SKYPE consultations are also available for people who are not able to attend the clinic in person.

  • Initial Consultation 75 minutes – $110
  • Follow-up Consultation 45 minutes -$70

To book an appointment or for more information

CALL: 0406 628240

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ORIENTAL MASSAGE – another form of alternative medicine, massage that focuses on revitalising the body whilst working with each organ’s energy pathways within the body. Through my studies and knowledge gained in both Japan and India I have developed a deep understanding on how the body works on an energetic and element based foundation. Through the techniques I have gained I can not only release tension and stiffness in muscles and joints but also enhance your digestive system, relieve congestion, calm the nervous system and improve your body’s ability to detoxify itself.

  • Full Body Extended Massage 90 minutes – $120
  • Full Body Massage 60 minutes – $90

To book an appointment or for more information

CALL: 0406 628240

REFLEXOLOGY – open all the bodily channels and enhance organ function whilst also receiving a fantastic foot relaxation and rejuvenation massage.

All the systems in the body have nerve endings and reflex points on the feet. These provide a fantastic way to assess and the treat the entire the body.

Your reflexology treatment will start with specific massage movements to warm-up the feet and to relieve tension. Then through manipulation of the reflex points any areas of congestion, weakness or imbalance can be assessed and treated. Reflexology is a valuable treatment in itself and also as a wonderful adjunct to herbal medicine by opening the bodily channels and allowing the herbs to reach their target areas more efficiently.

  • Reflexology Foot Massage 60 minutes – $90 (please allow an extra 10-15 minutes at your initial treatment for a consultation)

To book an appointment or for more information

CALL: 0406 628240

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REIKI – imbalances within the physical body often originate from the outer energy fields of the body. A reiki healing session can access these outer layers and provide a deep sense of calm and insight whilst also helping to relieve physical ailments.

During the reiki energy healing treatment you will remain fully clothed and either lie on your back or in a chair if lying is not possible. You may feel sensations of warmth, tingling, coolness, letting go of tension or deep relaxation as I move my hands over your body working on the areas that I am guided to.

Relaxation and calmness are the most common feelings experienced after a treatment but many people also gain clarity and insight into issues they maybe going through at the time.

  • Full Body Reiki Treatment 60 minutes $85

To book an appointment or for more information

CALL: 0406 628240

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Tuesday: 8am – 6.30pm
All major health fund rebates are available for Herbal Medicine consultations.

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