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Reiki Level 2 Workshop – Greater Connection through Symbols

Reiki Level Two attunement reiki energy

Reiki Level Two Workshop –  Usui System of Natural Healing  – Sunday 2nd September 2018 9am- 5pm

Reiki Level Two Workshop

This level is the next step on from Level One and increases your connection to the Reiki energy. It introduces you to 3 symbols therefore broadening your ability to channel and utilise the Reiki energy. It adds another dimension to both your self-healing treatments and those you give to others. With these symbols you will be able to increase and “lock in” the level of the energy, facilitate higher levels of emotional healing and give healing treatments over distance.

What happens in the workshop?

The workshop will include:

  • Uses of the symbols
  • Incorporating them into your treatments and daily life
  • Delving deeper into your connection with the Reiki energy
  • Meditations for each of the symbols
  • Receiving three attunements
  • Ample practice time for working with the symbols

Upon completion of the workshop you will receive a comprehensive manual, certificate and follow up support and mentoring for the following 3 weeks. 

I trained under teachers who were attuned in the direct lineage of the founder of Reiki, Mikao Usui. So this means that you also will be receiving attunements from this lineage.


LOCATION: Be Still and Chill Health and Wellness Centre, 206/658 Pittwater Road, Brookvale, NSW 2100

For information or to book your space please contact me:

CALL: 0406 628240
EMAIL: nina@originhealthandharmony.com.au

Please provide a copy of your Reiki One certificate.

Reiki Share Group

You are also welcome to come to our monthly Reiki Share Group held on either the 3rd or 4th Sunday of every month from 5pm-7pm. In the share group we each give and receive Reiki in mini sessions and there is opportunity for questions and discussion too.

Information about Reiki Level One Workshop can be found here

More information about Reiki, what a treatment involves and how it can benefit you can be found here

REIKI – The Mystery and Benefits Explained

What is Reiki?


You may have experienced the wonderful benefits of a reiki healing, be curious about how it works or think it’s some kooky form of energy healing. Which ever one applies to you reiki is actually accessible to everyone!

I have been a reiki practitioner and reiki teacher of the Usui Reiki system for over 15 years. I have witnessed some amazing shifts and transformations take place in people, myself included. But before I’d ever experienced a reiki healing I knew very little about it. I was maybe, like many others, a bit skeptical. How could someone facilitate any degree of change or healing within me without even actually placing their hands on me?! Well read on if you’d like to find some answers.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is simply the channeling of the universal energy, the energy that is constantly present all around us. It is drawn from the surrounding energy field and into the aura of the person receiving the healing. The reiki practitioner is purely the facilitator passing the energy through themselves and out of their hands into the receiver. In this way the practitioner is not using their own energy and cannot claim that “their” reiki is any better than anyone else’s – I particularly like this fact.

Reiki is not linked to any religion or belief system and you do not have to have any particular convictions to receive it.  You just need to purely be open and present.

How does a Reiki Healing Treatment Work?

When you are receiving a reiki healing treatment you will be fully clothed and either lying or sitting depending on what is most appropriate for you. Then the practitioner will first take a few moments to connect to the energy and then place their hands either just above you or very gently on your body. A treatment usually starts from the head and works down the body.

During the treatment session the practitioner will intuitively move their hands over your body and at different heights depending on which energetic field is asking to be worked on. The energetic fields are physical, mental/emotional and spiritual. If the practitioner has been attuned to the reiki symbols they may use them during the healing also. The reiki symbols further help to deepen the effect and level of healing.

What Will I Feel During the Reiki Healing Treatment?

Your body instinctively knows where it needs the reiki energy to go. So upon receiving it it will travel to the appropriate part of the body or energetic field. This backs up what I said before how as the receiver you don’t need to do anything just be open and relax.

The most common thing that people feel is warmth and a deep sense of relaxation. A buzzing sensation, coolness or simply nothing can also be felt. Whatever sensations you experience they are right for you.

What are the Benefits of Reiki?
  • Deep relaxation and stress release
  • Pain reduction
  • Relief from headaches and migraine
  • Relief from muscular tension
  • Increased energy flow through all the major organs and systems of the body
  • Calms the mind providing clarity and perception
  • Ability to find answers and direction to potentially confusing and stressful situations
  • Release of emotions linked to trauma both in this life and previous ones
  • Provide heightened feelings of being connected to oneself and the world around you

For issues that are deep seated more treatment sessions may be needed. This is not fixed however as everybody responds to the reiki energy in their own unique way.

How do I Become a Reiki Practitioner?

To become a reiki practitioner you will need to receive a reiki attunement from a qualified reiki teacher. There are 4 levels of reiki practitioner; Level 1, Level 2, Reiki Master and Reiki Teacher.

Level 1 is fantastic for facilitating self-healing. If you’d like to take it further and treat others then Level 2 will be the next level for you. Level 2 also involves being attuned to the reiki symbols. The Reiki Master level goes deeper into how you can work with it and brings with it knowledge of further symbols. Reiki Teacher is the start of your path of deeper personal development and the gift of being able to give reiki attunements to initiate students.

Please CALL 0406 628240 or
EMAIL: nina@herbshealthandinnerharmony.com
to book a Reiki Healing Session or to find out more

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